Capo playback


    MuseScore allows you to transpose the playback of a staff without changing the music notation (written pitch). This simulates the effect of a capo on a guitar (or other stringed instrument).

    Adding a capo marking to your score

    To a single staff

    1. Add staff text to the note/rest from which you want capo playback to start;
    2. Open the Staff text properties dialog.
    3. Click on the Capo Settings tab;
    4. Check the “Capo Settings” checkbox, and set "Capo fret" to the fret number you wish to apply the capo at (each fret increases the pitch by a semitone);
    5. Click OK to apply your changes;
    6. Edit the wording of the text as desired.

    To a staff / tablature pair

    Use one of the following:

    • If linked, add the capo to the standard staff—not the tablature.
    • If unlinked, add the capo to both staves.

    Note: Any capo playback settings apply until overridden by a subsequent Staff text with “Capo Settings” enabled.

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