Repeat signs

    A repeat sign looks like a double barline with a dot above and below the center line of the staff (see image below). It is used to enclose repeated sections of the score.

    Adding repeat signs to your score

    Simple repeats

    Place a start repeat barline at the beginning of the repeated section and an end repeat barline at the end.

    Simple repeat section

    If the start of the repeat section coincides with the beginning of the piece there is no need for a start repeat barline.

    Multiple ending repeats

    See Voltas, for repeat sections with multiple endings.

    Changing playback of repeat signs

    To change the number of times the repeat section is played, adjust the Play count of the final measure in the Measure properties dialog.

    Changing appearance of repeat signs

    In the Properties panel, you can specify repeat barlines with winged tips in "Barlines: repeat style".

    Repeat properties

    See Changing appearance of repeat signs (above).

    Repeat style

    You can specify repeat barlines with winged tips, and change the distance from the barline to dots for all repeat barlines in FormatStyleBarlines.