Volta brackets are lines above the staff used to mark different endings for a repeat section. Score playback automatically follows the repeat indications. For example:

    1st and 2nd ending

    Here the repeat section is played once through with the ending marked "1", then a second time with the ending marked "2".

    Adding voltas to your score

    1. Make sure that any repeat barlines are in the correct position;
    2. To apply the volta bracket use one of the following:
      • Select a measure and click on the desired line in the Lines palette
      • Drag a line from a palette onto a measure
    3. If required, edit the beginning and continuing text in the "Text" tab of the "Volta" section of the Properties panel.
    4. If required, specify the playback sequence by editing the "Repeats list" In the "Style" of the "Volta" section of the Properties panel. Enter a series of numbers, separated by commas;
    5. If required, ensure that the correct Play count is indicated in Measure properties.

    Changing appearance of voltas

    After selection, the general appearance of a volta line can be adjusted in the "Volta: Line type" section of the Properties panel. Line type, thickness, hook type, and line style (solid/dashed/dotted) can be specified.

    The beginning and continuing text (and their vertical offsets) can be edited in the "Text" tab of the "Volta" section. This is an indication only and does not affect playback of the volta.

    To change the range of a volta see Changing range of a line.

    Changing playback of voltas

    The actual playback is affected by the entry in the "Repeat list" (Volta: Style). This consists of a series of numbers each followed by a comma (the last comma is omitted). This can be freely edited, but remember to ensure that Play count is also amended accordingly.

    Example of a complex Volta setting

    A correct volta setting is not always straightforward—as in the following example:

    Volta setting example

    Volta properties

    If a volta is selected in the score you can edit its properties in the Voltas section of the Properties panel. These are covered in the sections above.

    Voltas style

    Properties for all voltas in the score can be edited from FormatStyleVolta.

    Volta style settings

    The "Volta" text style can be edited from FormatStyleText Styles.