Community documentation

The MuseScore Community maintains collaboratively written handbooks and a collection of help pages. Any logged in user can edit and improve the pages of the handbook. If you see a mistake or something missing in the handbook, don't hesitate to fix it or extend it—click the ⠇ to the right of the title, choose "Edit", and improve the page. Read Administrative guidelines for information about how to add pages, meaning of form fields and options etc. Discuss with others in the documentation forum. To create a "How to" and Tutorials with screen capture, you can record a video, upload to YouTube and post a link, alternatively use the free LICEcap to generate and post GIF. Handbooks are written in English and translated into other languages, help us with translations.

End Users

Users read online Handbook, Tutorials and How to. You are also welcome to help out in the forum.


Developers of the desktop software use GitHub Wiki and Developers' handbook here. Developers' handbook is at some points slightly outdated, but still contain useful tips, including:

  • Extensive per-platform instructions about building the 3.x branch, which may also help you in case of trouble building the master branch
  • A suggested Git Workflow
  • Information about Google Summer of Code
  • Tips about IDE configuration

Developers of plugins use the plugin section in developers' handbook.

Developers of MuseScore 3.x compatible soundfonts use the soundfont section in developers' handbook.

Other ways to contribute

Visit contribution overview to find out all you can do to help MuseScore grow, such as proposing new design, translating, testing and bug reporting etc.