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    To change the appearance of Musescore user interface, see Preferences instead.
    To edit sound samples, see SoundFonts and SFZ files instead.


    Font (wikipedia) is a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. A limited set of fonts such as Edwin (used by Text objects) and Mscore, MuseJazzText (used by Symbols) are built into the MuseScore desktop program due to licensing reason, text and symbols using these fonts will render on Musescore across all operating systems and on the score sharing website correctly. Font is not embedded into a score file.

    Text font

    For plain text, you can select and use fonts installed (google how-to) on your operating system. Generally available fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial etc. should render correctly on all operating systems.

    • Chord symbols default to use Edwin (you can choose other font, as with all text objects), except when you create a new score with the "Jazz Lead Sheet" template (already set MuseJazzText as default for you).
    • Roman Numeral Analysis default to use the free and open source Campania.

    Musical fonts

    For musical symbols, there is less freedom, option depends on the object type:

    In Musescore 3.6.2, for musical symbols, you are restricted to choose from options provided, but see How can I add third party SMuFL Fonts?, and this workaround source1, source2: Musescore normally uses the version of font that comes with Musescore, but if you install another version of same font onto your operating system manually, Musescore will use that for score viewing, pdf exporting and printing functions. Remember that manually installed font is not automatically embedded into any score file.
    Though some fonts can be considered SMuFL compatible, the glyph - codepoint mappings use Musescore's own schema, research the archived source code.

    Plugins that analyze notes and add musical symbols such as fingering diagrams are available at . The MuseScore Drumline extension also contains extra pictograms, to download see Language, translations, and extensions.

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