How to add a block of text to a score

For additional stanzas of lyrics or to add annotations, etc. This is a tutorial for MuseScore 1, and does not apply to MuseScore 2.
    1. Create a new score by setting, in the dialog box "Create New Score" Title, Subtitle, Composer, and the other information
    2. Highlight the first measurement and from the menu select CreateMeasures Insert (or Append) Vertical Frame
      Insert Append
    3. By double-clicking we can vertically resize the frame
    4. A click with the right button in the frame just inserted to:
      - Add Text Frame, a frame that will fit the text you type;
      - Add Insert Horizontal Frame, a frame that with a double click we can resize horizontally and with a click highlight and drag
    5. We can prevent a frame from displaying on-screen by unchecking ViewShow Frame. (Frames are never visible in printed output.)

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