这些是Musescore 2的旧版说明
Musescore 3 users, see 图像

You can use Images to illustrate scores, or to add symbols that are not included in the standard palettes. MuseScore supports the following formats:

  • PNG (*.png)
  • JPEG (*.jpg and *.jpeg)
  • SVG (*.svg) (MuseScore currently does not support SVG shading, blurring, clipping or masking.)

Add image

Use one of the following options:

  • Drag-and-drop an image file (from outside MuseScore) either into a frame or onto a note or rest in the score.
  • Right-click on a frame, select AddPicture, then pick an image from the file selector.

Cut/copy and paste image

  1. Click on an image in the score.
  2. Apply any of the standard copy/cut commands.
  3. Click on a note, rest or frame.
  4. Apply any of the standard paste commands.

Modify image

To modify the width/height of an image, double-click it and drag any of the handles. If you want to adjust width or height separately, untick "Lock aspect ratio" first in the Inspector.

You can adjust the position of an image by simply dragging it.

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