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    In addition to publishing your score on, you can share the MP3 audio generated by MuseScore to, a free service from Muse Group. On, you can share your tracks publicly, make them available to download, and upload unlisted audio.

    To share audio from your score on

    MuseScore 4.1 and above

    1. Open the Publish tab
    2. Click the Share on… button in the toolbar
      • If you’re not already signed in to an account, you will be prompted to do so or create an account
    3. Enter a title, choose whether the score should be Public or Unlisted, then click Share
      • If you've already shared audio from the score, you can replace the existing audio or upload it as a new audio file share dialog
    4. will open in your browser to upload the track
    5. From here, you can set the title, URL, category, tags, description, sharing permissions, and downloading permissions of your track

    To share on every time you publish a score:

    MuseScore 4.2 and above

    The first time you publish a score, you will be prompted to share on You can choose to be prompted every time you publish, and this can be controlled in Preferences.

    1. Open Preferences
    2. Go to the Save & publish tab
    3. Check on Always prompt to share on after publishing to