Developer group chats

Updated 3 months ago

Are you a MuseScore user who has encountered a problem with MuseScore?
Please visit the forums, where developers and other users can answer your question, instead of using this chat. Alternatively, make an issue in the issue tracker. The chat is not for user support.

Otherwise, if you're sure you are looking to contribute to MuseScore in some way, use the link(s) below.

Main development group chat
This chat is for on-topic discussion of MuseScore development, and anything directly related to it.

Off-topic chat
This chat is for off-topic 'water-cooler' discussion about anything and everything (save for MuseScore development discussions).

Translation chat
This chat is for discussion of the translation of MuseScore.

Wikipedia chat
This chat is for discussion of how to best maintain the MuseScore wikipedia page.

Due to persistent spam on the IRC channel, we migrated to Telegram.

That spam on IRC seems to have ceased, but Telegram seems to be a better tool (it keeps history, allows for pictures and other attachments, typos can get fixed after having sent a message, it works on mobile too).

MuseScore used to use the #musescore channel on

See for details to connect to freenode.
For newcomers, an easy way to join the fun is|?#musescore


If you have op rights:

  • please connect using a secured connection.
  • please do not stay op for long time

Useful commands

Get channel info
/msg chanserv INFO #musescore

Get temporary op
/msg chanserv OP #musescore

Give op rights to username
/msg chanserv ACCESS #musescore add username +o

Ban username with bad connection (it will redirect him to #fix_your_connection a special channel with instructions how to fix it)
/mode #musescore +b username!@$##fix_your_connection

Remove chanop status from username (do this for yourself when done)
/mode #musescore -o username

List ops
/msg chanserv ACCESS #musescore list

Display current topic
/topic #musescore

Change channel topic
/topic #musescore [new content here]

Change channel entry message
/msg ChanServ SET #musescore ENTRYMSG [message]