Compile instructions (Archlinux-based Distros) - Git

Updated 3 months ago


$ sudo pacman -S alsa-lib freetype2 libpulse libsndfile portaudio portmidi qt5-base qt5-declarative qt5-quickcontrols qt5-svg qt5-tools qt5-webengine qt5-xmlpatterns zlib lame cmake doxygen git lame qt5-script texlive-core

By now, you have the packages you need. If you doesn't want to reinstall packages you've already got, you may want to add --needed option to pacman. You'll be able to continue for Linux/BSD compiling process at Compile instructions (Linux and BSD) - Git

(Tested on Manjaro Linux 18.0.4 (x86_64), with kernel labeled as "5.1.8-1-MANJARO". June 19, 2019)