Entrada de notes

Updated 6 months ago
These are old instructions for MuseScore 1
For MuseScore 3 users, see Note input

Notes are entered in Note entry mode. First select a note or rest as start position for note entry. When entering notes you are always replacing existing notes or rests. So the duration of a measure does not change.

  • N: Enters Note entry mode.
  • Escape: Leaves Note entry mode.

After entering Note entry mode you should select the duration of the note you want to enter by selecting a value from the note palette or by the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

In version 0.9.4 and later the keyboard shortcuts for selecting the note duration are:
  • 1: 64th note (semi-demi-semiquaver)
  • 2: 32nd note (demi-semiquaver)
  • 3: 16th note (semiquaver)
  • 4: Eighth note (quaver)
  • 5: Quarter note (crochet)
  • 6: Half note (minim)
  • 7: Whole note (semibreve)
  • 8: Double whole note (breve)
  • 9: Longa
  • .: A period (dot) changes the selected duration into a dotted note
In version 0.9.3 or earlier the note duration shortcuts involve two keys:
  • Alt+1: Quarter note (crochet)
  • Alt+2: Eighth note (quaver)
  • Alt+3: 16th note (semiquaver)
  • Alt+4: 32nd note (demi-semiquaver)
  • Alt+5: 64th note (semi-demi-semiquaver)
  • Alt+6: Whole note (semibreve)
  • Alt+7: Half note (minim)
  • .: A period (dot) changes the selected duration into a dotted note

Notes are entered by typing: C D E F G A B C
Notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C

Space creates a rest: C D Space E
C, D, rest, E

Notes are added to chords by holding Shift and entering a note name: C D Shift+F Shift+A E F
C, D minor triad, E, F

Add an augmentation dot to a note: 5 . C 4 D E F G A (Note: versions 0.9.3 or earlier use different keyboard shortcuts to change note duration. See section above for more information)
Dotted quarter note: C, Eight notes: D, E, F, G, A

To change octaves use the following key combinations:

  • Ctrl+Up (Mac: +Up): Increase the pitch of a note by one octave.
  • Ctrl+Down (Mac: +Down): Decrease the pitch of a note by one octave.

Other editing commands:

  • x: Flip note stem direction.
  • Shift+x: Move note head to opposite side of stem.

MIDI keyboard

You can also insert pitches using a MIDI keyboard on Windows or Linux as of version 0.9.4. Version 0.9.3 or earlier has support for MIDI keyboard on Linux only.