Tornar a la configuració per defecte

Updated 3 years ago
These are old instructions for MuseScore 1
For MuseScore 3 users, see Revert to factory settings

Recent versions of MuseScore have the option to revert back to the standard built-in presets or "factory-settings". Sometimes this is helpful if your settings are corrupted. This is not a normal occurrence so it is best to consult the forums first since there maybe a way to solve your problem without resetting everything.

Warning: reverting to "factory settings" removes any changes you have made to the preferences, palettes, or window settings.

Instructions for Windows

  1. If you have MuseScore open then you need to close it first
  2. Type Windows key+R to open the Run dialog. (The Windows key is the one with the logo for Microsoft Windows.)
  3. Click Browse...
  4. Look for mscore.exe on your computer. The location may vary depending on your installation but it is probably something similar to My Computer > Local Disk > Program Files > MuseScore 0.9 > bin > mscore.exe
  5. Click Open to leave the Browse dialog and return to the Run dialog. The following text (or something similar) should display in the Run dialog: "C:\Program Files\MuseScore 0.9\bin\mscore.exe"
  6. Click after the quote and a hyphen followed by a capital F: -F
  7. Press OK

After a few seconds MuseScore should start and all the settings reverted to "factory settings"

Instructions for Mac OSX

  1. If you have MuseScore open then you need to quit the application first (+Q)
  2. Open Applications/Utilities/Terminal and a Terminal session window should appear
  3. Type, (or jusy simply copy/paste) the following command into your terminal line (include the '/' at the front):

    /Applications/ -F

This resets all MuseScore preferences to factory settings and immediately launches the MuseScore application. You can now quit Terminal, and continue using MuseScore.