Vertical offset - microspace

• říjen 9, 2014 - 11:31

To edit existing music I can use the arrows up and down
after single-clicking the note and colour has canged to blue. This is very comfortable.

But If I double-click a note - unintended - and use the arrows now
--> the note moves up or down only in microspaces and comes exactly between a staffline and a space.
--> Sometimes you are not aware of this unlucky result - because it sounds ok.

I think this - unexpected results - should be avoided - because it causes confusion for the musican who must read and play this.

I cannot see any purpose for notes hanging between two steps in the scale. So please lock the vertical microspacing for use with arrows.

(For the rests it seems already ok- they skip always space dependent up and down with the arrows - only the inspector allows vertical microspacing)


This function is needed for aligning notes on non-standard staves - eg the four line stave used for traditional Gregorian chant notation.

Notes do not align properly with the staff unless you use the vertical offset to tweak them.

V odpovědi od ChurchOrganist

I like to debate in this forum if the benefit for vertical micrespacing is useful for the majority of users. For me it happened in many unintendent cases hat I generated a microspace instead of the next note in the scale - and must correct than after. I suppose that vertical alignment is needed only in some exceptions - as Michael descripted.

Hence I see no valuable reason to allow vertical microspacing during a double-mouseclick -
as for all the rests where no vertical microspacing is possible.

The ability for doing vertical aligning is assured in the inspector - if needed - for some special cases.

This discussion is only for up and down spacing and n o t for a horizontal microspacing which is useful in any cases.

V odpovědi od Rudi cj7tb

The question is, why are you double clicking at all? The *only* reason to do that is to "microspace" notes, so it seems to be it would completely defeat the purpose of double clicking if it couldn't the do the one thing it is intended to accomplish. If you goal is simply change the pitch of a note - from C to D - you aren't supposed to double click it. Just single click and up arrow twice (once for C#, once for D) or Shift+Up to go directly from C to D.

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