Scores not able to open.

• jul 26, 2023 - 16:04

I've found a problem of mine, where when i try opening a score, i get a pop-up window, saying that my scores can't load.

Does someone have an idea what it could be cause by?

P. S. The picture is in danish, but it says:
Your score is unable to open.
Score is unusable

Bilag Størrelse
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To attach a score, click the “choose a file” button below where you type your comment. We cannot begin to investigate without the score. But also we’d want to know things like, what OS are you on, when was the last time the score was edited, what version of MuseScore were you using at the time.

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Well, I was using a Windows 11 software, when it was last edited, then I went away on vacation and came back and tried to open a file, but, when I tried it didn't work and I then tried other scores, and that didn't work either.

Also, before I went on vacation, it was version
4. 0.0 but when I came back, it was 4.1.0 and then, I couldn't open any of my scores.

So I'm sorry, but I can't send a link or attach a score.

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It should be in whatever folder you saved it to. If you're saying you only saved it online, but can't find it among your own scores there, then apparently the save didn't succeed. That would be something to report to the team. In the future, I recommend always saving locally for any work you care about.
Meanwhile, though, there should be a locally-cached version as well. Its location depends on your OS, but on Windows, it should be something like AppData/Local/MuseScore/MuseScore4/cloud_scores

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Your score opens fine for me. Just copy it from the cloud_scores folder to somewhere else on your computer and it should open for you as well.

Fixing corrupted scores done differently depending on the specific problem. But, this score isn't corrupt at all - it just failed to upload for whatever reason.

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