Musescore (ver. 2.3.2) crashes when I try to use a plugin.

• Αυγ 9, 2019 - 09:52

I work on 2.3.2 version of musescore.
First I download "harp pedal diagram" on my laptop, as I did months ago on my desktop. It worked perfectly. After few days I tried to download "tempo change" plugin, with the same manner.
But when I need this plugin, the program crashed. And unfortunately from now on, I can't use any of the downloaded plugins, even the "harp pedal diagram" that I had use few days ago.
Musescore crashes, opening any of the plugins.
Can anyone help me?


Make sure you have a version 2 plugin. Many, including the harp pedal diagram has a version 3 plugin on the page that will not work on version 2.

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I'm afraid that is obvious. But it will take maybe a long time to become familiar with ver. 3. As a see is quite different than ver. 2. And I must finish my work until August 26, so it's a little difficult to learn it so soon.
Thanks again for your advise.

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