• Οκτ 25, 2019 - 11:00

Hi there. Please I need help with symbol R or C (in a circle) that I've seen in sheets of music. What does mean and how to write them in musescore.
I attach a sheet with this "R" symbol at 19 measure

Συνημμένο Μέγεθος
ΑΝΑΘΕΜΑΣΕ.pdf 768.43 KB


This looks like a condensed score for a string quartet. Is this part of a larger cycle of song? It looks like a rehearsal mark. The R with a circle doesn't seem to be telling the musicians to do anything in particular. I would actually enter this as a Rehearsal mark and format it to be non-bold with a circle around it in the letter rather than a rectangle.

I've seen a lot of string music, but I don't play a string instrument, so if it does mean something, making it look right would give the musicians the correct information.

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