Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
4.x-dev: difficulty with first-time opening of latest nightly active 4.x-dev 5 5 months
A couple visual issues in the latest nightly build of Musescore 4 needs info 4.x-dev 1 4 months
(Known issue on GitHub) 4x-dev: "Open recent" list displays score titles instead of file names active 4.x-dev 2 4 months
Dark theme palette icons almost invisible needs info 4.x-dev 3 4 months
Playback one whole tone too high active 4.x-dev 2 3 months
Play Panel features missing in MuseScore 4.0 (tempo override control missing) active 4.x-dev 2 2 days
Easily enable/disable chord symbol playback from main program window active 4.x-dev 3 2 months
Add solo and mute flags to Part class active 4.x-dev 4 1 year
Subscores active 4.x-dev 0 10 months
No screenshot feature? active 4.x-dev 0 3 months
"New Score" Window + tab key active 4.x-dev 3 4 months
4x-dev: Customized notebeam positions are lost active 4.x-dev 0 5 months
‘virtual void QWidget::setVisible(bool)’ was hidden [-Woverloaded-virtual] during build of master needs info 4.x-dev 1 4 months
Chord symbols do not playback active 4.x-dev 1 1 month
OPEN: Ctrl and Shift no longer work when selecting files active 4.x-dev 0 3 months
Window dimension too large active 4.x-dev 6 1 month
Delete key not working (Win10, 10/18/2021 nightly) active 4.x-dev 2 4 months
Can't insert note for percussion via double-click active 4.x-dev 2 2 weeks
Dynamics use wrong font needs info 4.x-dev 4 4 months
Scroll bar in inspector needs info 4.x-dev 4 4 months
Dashed barline stucked active 4.x-dev 1 1 month
Add some commonly used Chinese instruments active 4.x-dev 0 2 months
Import of 3.6.2 score in 4.x nightly changes instrument active 4.x-dev 0 4 months
Update documentation to describe CTRL+drag selection active 4.x-dev 0 11 months
If you install a new library in Kontakt while MS4 is running, you need to restart MS before the library can be used active 4.x-dev 0 1 month