Issue with tied and cross-measure string tremolos

• Feb 4, 2024 - 00:18

Tremolos spanning multiple measures on string instruments are erroneously re-articulated at the start of every measure. Instead of sounding like a consistent, sustained tremolo note (which is the standard for string writing), there is a noticeable start and stop at each measure.

A string tremolo is performed by rapidly shaking the bow back and forth across the string. The bow is not re-articulated (i.e. drawing a new bow via circling) unless specifically indicated within the music. In the example posted below, the notes should sound like one consistent tremolo note across both measures, rather than two separate tremolo notes.

Does anyone know of any workarounds I could use before this issue is properly fixed? I'm on the most recent version of MuseScore 4 and using Muse Sounds. Thanks.

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The effect seems to be worse in the violin 1 line. And the least bad in the violin 2 line. The reason for that is that violin 1 is supposed to be me "expressive". So it swells on most notes. Even if they are tied. The names don't refer to desk, Rather to playing styles. As an experiment, switch all those string sounds to violin 2 and see if it sounds a bit better.

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Thanks for the tip! I tried it out. It helped a little bit, but the issue is still present. Plus, my actual piece has cross-measure tremolos in the viola, cello and bass sections as well, which can't really be played using violins lol.

I'm trying to look into solutions possibly using invisible instruments but I'm not quite savvy enough to figure out how to do it myself. I'd understand the swelling effect if it were a bit more subtle, but the Muse Sounds string instruments seem to disregard ties entirely when there's a tremolo. I don't really understand why the synthesizer doesn't just treat them as one long note, especially considering that (iirc) the old MuseScore soundfont didn't have this problem, at least on more recent versions... and I'm definitely not going back to that because Muse Sounds is otherwise vastly superior.

I hope that this gets addressed in an upcoming update because it seems like a pretty noteworthy oversight, at least from my perspective as someone who likes writing for strings.

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