Notating 'Gb 13' and 'G b13'

• Jun 22, 2020 - 09:28

How do you go about notating G b13 and Gb 13 so that they look different?


Nevermind I suddenly thought of the solution while typing this question before posting it but I thought I would share it here so that it might help someone else one day.

G(b13), Gb(13).

If there are other ways to do it please let me know. Still an amateur Musescore user. Thanks.

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A regular "13" chord consists of a 1,3,5,b7,9 and 13 notes, as I'm sure you allready know. Just writing Gb13 would mean Gb(13). It is more unclear/non-standard to use a b13 chord and you would probably need to specify a little bit more about what you intend. Perhaps write it as Gb7b13 instead, Or if you don't actually plan to also include the regular fifth, Gb7+5 or Gb9+5

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