add single eight note

• Jun 24, 2020 - 22:26

i have four eight notes tied together and then want a separate eight note followed by an eighth note rest. whenever i try to put the single eight note in it automatically ties to the prior tied four notes. how can i just add a single eight note without it automatically tying to the prior tied notes?

i have uploaded the score to show the situation:…


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thank you. from what i see the instructions there for for how to create a beam. my problem is how to stop a beam from extending. the 4 eight notes in the measure are already beamed. the problem is i want the next note to be a single 8th note but when i enter it it automatically is joined with the extant beam.

I'm French, so, I don't understand completly what you ask.
First are you sure of your 11/8 ,,?
on your score the first eight note of the first time is not tied ?????
the eight rest is not eight but quater ???

Try this : on another bar : note input , if you have a whole rest, tape 4 to have eight rest. On the first eight rest on the first time, enter your first eight note. Then, Tape 0 (Zéro) this add your eight rest (if it's what you want) then enter your 4 eight notes

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