Nightly with working Chord Symbols?

• May 20, 2014 - 18:19

Hi there!

I am running MuseScore 2.0 nightly, revision 0fb1315, download mscore.32bits-2014-05-18-10-01-ff5f51b, on Ubuntu Linux.

However, I am unable to get the Chords to work. I need to write some lead sheets, including piano and Guitar chords, but for some reason the guitar chords do not work on my version of Nightly.

I would prefer to use Nightly, rather than using 1.3.

Is anyone running a version of Nightly where the chord symbols work perfectly? I would like to use it too.



They should work just fine as long as things are installed correctly. I seem to recall hearing the nightlies on Linux provide only the executable itself. If so, then somehow you need to grab the rest of the installation. In particular, in order for chord symbols to display correctly, you need the "styles" folder. Maybe someone else on Linux can explain the best way to actually get this working?

If you do have a full installation, then please describe in more detail - ideally with a sample score - exactly what you are doing, what you expect to see, and what you see instead.

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I'm compiling the binaries you use.
I just checked with the last one mscore.32bits-2014-05-20-10-43-d26a8df.tar.bz2

My binary is installed in /usr/local/bin and this repertory is in the path

All the resource files, including the "styles" folder are in ~/Documents/MuseScoreDevelopment/

I took a snapshot of a (silly) chord symbol, attached

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Picture looks like a map to me, not a chord symbol?

Anyhow, not sure if you're reporting a problem or saying it does work for you? But I doubt it would work to have the binary file in /usr/local/bin but the styles folder in ~/Documents/MuseScoreDevelopment. Unless there is some special casing going on for Linux versus Windows, the styles folders need to be found relative to the binary. Basically, however it is installed for 1.3, the develoment builds should have the same folder structure, just with potentially a different root.

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Just remember - there is no 2.0, just experimental nightly developmenet builds. Any leads sheets created in builds today may not even open by the time 2.0 comes out. So tempting as it is to want to use the nightly builds for real work, you'd be taking a huge risk in doing so. So I think you are indeed better off at least waiting until there is an actual beta of 2.0 to do real work.

On the other hand, I'm not sure what you mean about messing up your system, either. Installing a nightly build should not do that. It should work to simply run the mscore binary directly from whatever folder you extracted it into - *if* you have a complete installation. So I am guessing either you did not receive the complete installation, or you copied the binary file out of the folder you extracted it to and tried running from there.

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