Is it possible to call a measure, play it, and then return to the calling point?

• Aug 9, 2020 - 21:47

Here is an example of my intention with this request:

  1. M1 is repeated in M2 and M3; this is done with %.
  2. M4 is played.
  3. Then M1 is needed in M5, M6, and M7.

What I am trying to achieve is to play the sequence of measures M1 to M7 as follows: M1 M1 M1 M4 M1 M1 M1 ….

I am exploring this option/request with the music of the attached file "Spanish Study (in F. Noad book)". In the attachment, Page 1 is the actual music. Page 2 is what I am trying to achieve (at this moment I am using the text notes on top of M5-M7). I call Page 2 “a map”,

I have read all related comments in the forum, and I did not find anything like my request. Maybe I missed something.

Looking forward to seeing your comments.


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I don't choose project schedules here, or invent music notation standards. Calling an object multiple times has no connection or analogue at all to executing an element of a sequence out of its sequence. There is a direct analogy between the COBOL construct and your proposed musical notation feature. My recollection was not a proposed implementation, but an analogy between the thought-processes that gave rise to both.

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Many thanks Kuwitt;

I follow your note. I am just trying to reduce the number of musical dots and lines without damaging the music in the sheet.

I know that % repeats the immediate neighbor measure: M2 and M3 are simpler to read and memorize because both are identical to M1. With my request, I was hoping to find a musescore functionally to play-back non-neighbor measures like M5, M6, and M7, which are identical the M1.

My idea is that the fewer musical dots and lines in the sheet the simpler the analyzes and memorization would be. I use the "music short handwriting" in in PAPER “to simplify” the music. The wiki page does not show repeats for non-neighbor measures, but I am looking for one.

Anyway, I will follow your advice in the meantime.


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