Adding Dynamics and Articulations to Multiple Staves

• Jun 16, 2014 - 15:51

I like to make scores of songs that are composed for Bands and Strings. However, whenever I need to add dynamics and articulations for all of the different instrument's parts, I have to do it one by one and I find this very time consuming and tiring. I was just wandering if there is a way I can add dynamics and articulations together on multiple staves. Thanks in advance!


Hold down Ctrl;
With the mouse, click on the notes (one for staff, in column);
From the palette, double-click on the dynamics.


Does it work?

I am attempting to do something similar, only using different dynamics in treble and bass clef staves, i.e., forte for the treble notes and pianissimo for the bass. I tried your method, one of the two dynamics 'takes over' both clefs. Help! - John

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Thank you for your reply.
I did what the instructions called for, ensuring that the dynamic symbol 'p' was assigned at the first note of the bass clef, and the symbol 'f' at the first note of the treble clef. I then played that section: the bass clef began playing at a pianissimo level but changed to forte at the point where the treble clef began, i.e. the dynamics shifted to all forte; the pianissimo setting did not remain. I do not understand what I am doing wrong.
The place where I hope to begin the separate dynamics begins at measure 22.
- John

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I don't see any f's in measure 22? There is however an mf in 23. In the Inspector, I see it is set to "Part", which is exactly why it applies to the whole part. If you want it to only apply to that one staff, you need to set it to "Staff".

FWIW, though, using dynamics isn't necessarily the best way to do this. I assume you aren't trying to create some unusual non-standard effect here that would require a pianist to do something they wouldn't do normally; you just want the melody brought out a little more strongly. That's something a pianist does naturally; confusing them with apparently contradictory dynamics wouldn't really be appropriate here. If you are just concerned with tweaking the playback within MuseScore to do what a real pianist would do already, I'd personally recommend increasing the velocity of those notes, also using the Inspector. Then there are no confusing extra dynamics, and the effect will remain in place if you later change dynamics.

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