Options to use MuseScore content in a WordPress webiste?

• Sep 3, 2021 - 08:16

Hi there,

I am building a sacred music data hub WordPress web design project for my customer for the time being, and I am evaluating how the mentioned project can integrate with resources of Musescore, attached is a way I embed an item from Musescore(A), and I am curious about the following questions:

Question 1: if it is possible to host similar content as in (A) and display them in a WordPress webiste? That means I can do this in customer's website without embedding. And are there more other options?
Question 2: When I embed the item as in (A), is there a copyright issue I should know?
Question 3: If my customer actually decide to use Musescore as a tool, can my client publish thousands of Musescore-sheet music





Sorry, I mistakenly publish the post before I finished it, so one more question,

Question 4: As seen as in attached image, what are the software in the phrasing "MusicXML: Open in various software"?


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Q1. Probably, although the score view there is embedded using a iframe, so I don't really understand the "without embedding" conclusion you tie to this.

Q2. You should ask a lawyer. I think you're probably on the safe side, as musescore.com deals decently with copyright; but it really depends on the laws and judges in your country on whether embedding content is considered re-publishing it and whether such a possible republication would entail accountability or not.

Q3. The MuseScore notation software is entirely free and imposes no limits on what you can publish with it.
The online score sharing platform musescore.com currently allows you to upload an unlimited amount of works; but this wasn't always the case, nor can it be guaranteed to always remain so in the future. That is entirely up to the discretion of whomever runs that platform.

Q4. MusicXML is an exchange format, see https://www.musicxml.com/software/ for a non-exhaustive list of software packages that support it.

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