Panning Orchestral Instruments to their standard positions

• Sep 23, 2021 - 21:04

Has anyone produced a plugin that will set the panning of an instrument according to its standard orchestral position (violin left, ...viola, ... cello, ... double bass right, etc.)?
I'm aware each can be set individually, but achieving the standard stereo layout in one stab might be a useful utility.
Would it be difficult to write?


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Thanks, Jeetee, that's a useful link, and I'm glad that you believe it is possible to achieve. Not necessarily possible for me, though.
If anyone is able to provide an example script to achieve this for two instruments, I'd happily complete the task for the rest of the orchestra!

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Hey, sorry to jump in this thread with my own inquiry, but by any chance do you know if (and where) the MIDI port# and MIDI channel# that's shown in the Mixer panel can be referenced with a plugin? I just started looking and I saw the panning, reverb stuff, program #, etc, but I haven't spotted the MIDI communication settings. Thanks.

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I appreciate this starter script, and have found an immediate use for the concert wind band that tolerates me, not only panning the instruments 'as the conductor hears them', but also panning all instruments into one ear and then allowing the lesser musicians to put their own part into the other ear for practice between rehearsals.

Immediate initial smiles but some further refinements before it sees the light of public day, but don't wish to delay my thanks.
Our thanks. P

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