Identify and write drum parts.

• Oct 27, 2021 - 15:31

Hello everyone!

I have a small groove (attachment) however I would like to insert two drum pieces (colored) in another arrangement. However, they are not found in the default drum map provided at the bottom of MuseScore. Would you like to know what these pieces are and how to find them in the "Edit Drums" window to insert in another arrangement?

Thank you very much!

Peça de Bateria.mscz


Btw.: It's also possible to save a custom drum palette, but I've never dealt with it or respective to load load a cutsomized one.

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You've first to define these sounds inside the drummap., see:…, number 39 is the sound for "handclap", for number 82 I'm not sure, there exist surely an extended map.
In the attached a drm-file for that I've already defined these sounds, enter the "edit drumset dialogue" and load the attached file.

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