Old fashioned CLEFS before the first Bracket of a score with modern CLEFS

• Nov 19, 2021 - 17:06

Hi there!
I'm writing a piece for educational use on MuseScore 3 and i want to use old-fashioned clefs (C) BEFORE modern clefs.
The score must ''look'' and ''sound'' at G clef, but i want to add the ''renaissence clefs'' at the beginning BEFORE the first Bracket.

As example I made a picture, but it took me so much time to fix it, by removing barlines/pauses/original clefs/time signatures, adding old clefs as a ''stave text" (using F2 and make them big or small), writting the voice names, using the ''image capture tool'' and matching the image with the score with zooming at 1600%..!! It requires great detail and a lot of ''tricks'' and in the end it is just a png. picture in a score...
Is there a way to make this happen with original commands ''from the inside'' of MuseScore??


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Perhaps the following is a slightly less cumbersome workaround.

It uses the symbols section from the master palette and starts by dragging a 5-line wide staff symbol onto the first measure for each staff; then repositioned all of them in one go using the X- and Y- offsets in the Inspector for them.
Then I've attached the clef symbols to those wide staff symbols; so you can position them relative to it. As I don't find scaled courtesy clefs, I've used the real-sized ones. Since they are somewhat bigger I found the wide staff line symbols to not be wide enough; so I've added additional normal width 5 staff symbols to each of them and positioned it just before them using the inspector.

Now you'll notice those symbols overlapping the instrument names.
Open Format → Style → Text Styles → Instrument Names (long) and look for which X-offset you need to position them in front of the symbols again. The downside is that they are now also moved into the page margin.
To remedy that, add a horizontal frame to the start of the score with the same width as the X-offset you required for the long instrument names. Then go back into the instrument names style and readjust the X-offset as required (likely half it for centered names as in your example).

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