Option to disable coloring of selected note

• Jan 20, 2022 - 23:12

Plugins like colornotes and Chord Identifier (Pop & Jazz) would be a lot more useful if one could get rid of that ugly blue cursor and make the selected note take the color it has in the score. As it stands, I don't know which color a plugin has assigned the note in question without moving away from it. I was considering making a plugin that could use a stripped-down version of Impro-Visor as a server (since that program is no longer maintained) in order to provide a note-coloring feature that would identify chord tones, "color" tones, and so on.

Looking at the source, I see noteinputcursor.cpp and other files that apparently control this behavior, but since I don't know C++ or Qt I don't know what exactly needs to change. (The lack of comments in these files doesn't help, either.)


For any selected single element, the inspector shows the current color in the "color" field atop of the inspector; so that would be how you'd find out which color the selected note has.

As for selection color; upon selection of an element it is hardcoded to be shown in the applicable voice color.

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