Midi Import Function Enhancement Request

• Jun 27, 2022 - 10:46

My primary input to Musescore is already recorded piano pieces, usually recorded live in midi format using a metronome so that timing is tight and any minor errors can be corrected using midi editing before using the import function. Prior to using import I split the single recorded track into two, separating the right and left hand parts, i.e. the treble and bass clef are each on their own midi track.

During the import process, I assume Musescore applies its note voicing algorithm to each track and consequently if I happen to have played some notes below the treble/alto voicings using my right hand (I am not knowledgable about how this process works), or vice-versa, these (understandably) end up appearing in the score in the wrong clef. This means that I am involved in a deal of post-import work to shift the voicings and deleting/adding notes to get them to appear in the correct clef as played.

Despite searching the manual (and I admit I may have missed the key part) I cannot find any way either to tell Musescore 'all notes down to the G below middle C are played by the right hand', or better still to 'Import each track into a single clef'. Indeed, I do not even know whether this might be possible... what I do know is that it would save me hours of work once the import is complete.

Are either of these features even possible given the way the code works? Either way, I would be very interested in whether others have experienced this issue and whether they have found alternative ways around it?

Many thanks for listening - John Bishop

p.s. Other than this small thing I think Musescore is the most brilliant piece of software I have used - whether free or paid for. Congratulations to all the contributors for doing such a stellar job.


If they are separate tracks, then you can uncheck "split staff" on each of them during the import process. Also uncheck "clef changes".
The you'll probably will have to apply bass clef to the lower instrument, but that should be about all then.

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Thanks so much for this. In fact I was halfway there - I read about and tried the Split Staff uncheck option but it didn't work fully for me. The 'clef changes' was the one I'd missed. After using both the result was just about as perfect as it could be - didn't even need a clef change as it got it right first time. Only minor tweaks left (my timing can be a bit off). Absolutely wonderful! So grateful - also thanks for the quick response. I'm very impressed :-)

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