Adding smaller headed notes on the same staff

• Jul 15, 2022 - 19:51

I have a few books, generally Christmas and others, where the sheet music has smaller notes to indicate suggested notes on an organ. Is there a way to do this in musescore, or do I just have to select the note, and shrink it with a setting?


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Select the notes and then in the inspector tick the Small option in the Notes section. That affects only the noteheads. If you want the stems and any beams to also be small tick the Smal option in the Chord section instead.

Selection can be done by CTR+clicking on a series of noteheads, or if the notes are in a separate voice you can use the selection filter to exclude notes in the voice you don't want to change and then making a range selection.

If that doesn't help, it would be useful to attach a picture showing what appearance you want to achieve.

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