Repeated section dynamics

• Jan 29, 2023 - 13:33

Is there a way to mark a repeated section with a different dynamic on the repeat?

If the first time is, say, mp, and the repeat is, say, mf, is there a way to enter 'mp - mf' under the stave from the dynamics panel rather having to type in the -mf after the mp from the keyboard every time?

I've got this situation throughout a large score and typing the repeat dynamics in is a pain.



The easiest way to access 'mp - mf' anytime you like, is to write + style your mp - mf once, then CTRL+SHIFT + drag that into any palette you like, or make a new customized palette and drag into that. Then you can use 'mp - mf' directly from the palette as you would for "mp" or whatever is already there as default.

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Thanks but I've just spent an hour trying to find out how I do that.

How do I write + style?

How do I make a customized palette?

I've tried to follow the instructions in the MS3 handbook, but the instructions it says to use do not appear. When a palette title is right clicked. I don't get the 'show more' button to click as it says in the instructions.

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Add a dynamic to your score (say p). Double click on it and then you can edit the text (e.g. to p-mf) you will need to use the special dynamic texts to get it to match the default formatting - see You can then adjust its styling in the inspector if you want, but if you like the way it looks leave it alone.

The next step is to add that edited dynamic to a pallet. When you have finished editing the dynamic press ESC or click on a blank space to get out of edit mode. Then open the pallet you want to put your modified dynamic in and click on the three dots just above it at the right hand side. Tick the box "Enable editing". Hold down CTRL (CMD on a MAC) and SHIFT keys and drag the modified dynamic to a pallet of your choice. The cursor will show a "no entry" sign until you get to a spot in the pallet where you can drop it. That modified dynamic can then be added and used like any other pallet item. See

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