MIDI note entry problem

• Feb 23, 2009 - 18:57

MIDI note entry cursor stops advancing, and notes pile up on one chord.

I'm using version 9.4 on Windows XP SP3, with an m-Audio Uno MIDI interface and Korg DW8000 keyboard. MIDI entry works fine when I check it with MIDIOX and when I use it with Protege. With MuseScore, it works ok for a while, usually on the order of 50 notes or so, but then the cursor stops advancing and all the subsequent notes pile up on one chord. If I then use the mouse to insert a new note at a new location, sometimes the keyboard works for a few more notes, then gets stuck. The problem gets progressively worse until I can't enter notes at all because they all land on one enormous chord. There are plenty of blank measures available, and I have tried entering the notes more slowly. Disconnecting and reconnecting the MIDI interface, or switching the keyboard off then on doesn't help.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Is this likely a problem at my end?



I removed the m-Audio drivers for the midi interface and reinstalled using the default Microsoft driver. It works fine now.

I really like MuseScore - it's a terrific program. One of the big attractions for me is that it is open source, whereas the program I have been using requires a (reluctantly given) key code whenever I need to reinstall it, and worst of all, does not save in any format readable by other programs.

Hope I'm on the right thread. I'm having the same issue and after 48 hours of trying to resolve it I have a whopping 2 measures of composition to show for it. Feeling defeated, zonked, and/or [your favorite frustrating descriptor goes here].

I thought it was my LogMeIn sound driver and uninstalled that clingy boy at the terminal. Woohoo! Nope, it's still happening on every computer I've used, with notes piling up (5 to 8) on one stem at a time. These are single notes that should have spread out over a series of measures and interpreted by the software as a run, not a chord.

There are +/-80 empty measures waiting to be assigned notes, so it can't be a matter of having nowhere else to plop notes. If I carefully and intentionally play one single note at a time, with no pedal or audible connection between any two notes, the program understands I want them separate.

But it sort of takes the flow out of creativity during composition. Sort of, ha.

All I need: I'm looking for the best audio driver (?) to make this work in piano mode, paired with a Yamaha PSR-GX76 and a Macbook Pro 2013. Or any other solution you may have found since the original post of this thread.

Anyone know offhand? Thanks!!

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Could you be more specific about what you are actually doing? You pre-recorded a MIDI file and are trying to load it into MuseScore? If so, can you post the file? If you are thinking you can just play your keyboard in real time and MsueScore will transcribe it for you, then I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it doesn't work that way. You still need to enter notes one at a time, selecting durations as you go, as you would with your computer keyboard instead of MIDI.

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