Braces in piano

• Mar 9, 2023 - 06:56

I want to have a score with melody notation lines, treble piano notation lines for right hand chords (no left hand system) and a acoustic bass notation line,
But Musescore puts braces between the treble piano system and the acoustic bass system. (see picture)
How do I avoid that Musescore put braces between piano treble notation line and acoustic bass lines?

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To clarify: its just not the braces, its the fact that musescore connects piano treble lines with acoustic bass lines the whole score

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See the attached example score.

Here is how I removed the Piano Bass Clef and the Brace:
1. Create score with Flute, Piano and Acoustic Bass
2. Menu path: View > Instruments
3. Choose: Score tab > Instruments
4. In the Instruments tab select: Piano >Bass clef, then delete with the Trash Can icon
5. In your score click in a measure in Piano staff
6. On Instruments tab, use UpArrow (if necessary) to move Piano staff to the desired position

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