Resize cusor ,hightlight text and note ?

• Mar 22, 2023 - 07:50

How to highlight text and musical notes every time the cursor is over?
How to resize the cursor that runs through the track?

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The behaviour differs between MuseScore 3 and MuseScore 4. Personally I prefer MS3 in this context.

MS 3.6.2
Cursor = broad + Highlight notes = YES + Highlight lyrics = NO

MS 4.0.2
Cursor = narrow + Highlight notes = NO + Highlight lyrics = NO

To me this seems like two regressions in MS4:
a) narrow playback cursor, no means to make it wider;
b) notes not highlighted during playback;
... and one required feature request for MS4:
c) lyric words / syllables to be highlighted during playback.

Some existing issues on Github about the playback cursor:
- [MU4 Task] More options for playback cursor (quality of life):
- playback_cursor_optimization:
- [MU4 Issue] [Improvement] Need Score Playback cursor to indicate where playback will begin from:

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To become a working "new feature", a "wish" like yours can only progress if enough users support the idea.

It would certainly be worthwhile floating your idea in the Feature Request forum, but you would need to flesh out the proposal. Perhaps do a mock-up of the values you want to change (width of cursor, colour of cursor and so on). And you would also need to specify about highlighting the lyrics: do you want only the first verse highlighted, or 2 verses, or all 7 verses in an extreme case?

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