midi keyboard articulations

• May 28, 2023 - 09:19

In note input mode, selecting an articulation (e.g. staccato) in the top menu, does not have any effect when entering notes with a midi keyboard. (as opposed to entering the note with a computer keyboard or mouse where the articulation is applied to every entered note)
Can somebody confirm this behavior?
I am using a Akai Apc key 25 midi keyboard (i have mapped the launch pads to computer keyboard shortcuts, using the linux tools aseqdump and xdotool, and amidi for controlling the leds)


Wow, that looks great. I have the exact same controller but can't get it to work on windows. Do you know if there are any apps that might work on a windows system?
I tried midikey2key which does log al the 'notes' like C4 G3 etc...but not the soft pads. I do have a linux system as well but there I can't run ableton and I'd like to use both on the same computer.

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This controller has been designed for Windows and Ableton. It should be working on Windows.
If you mean it does not work in MuseScore 4 on Windows: it does not work on Linux neither, except for the piano keys.
On my system, this controller is detected as (aseqdump -l )
24:0 APC Key 25 mk2 APC Key 25 mk2 APC Key 25 mk2 K
24:1 APC Key 25 mk2 APC Key 25 mk2 APC Key 25 mk2 C
the APC Key 25 mk2 APC Key 25 mk2 K being the piano keys.
In order to use the pads, i translate the midi events to a computer keyboard keypresses
## play
"$aseqport1 Note on 91" ) xdotool key space ;;
## save
"$aseqport1 Note on 93" ) xdotool key Ctrl+s ;;
aseqport1=aseqdump -l | grep "APC Key 25 mk2 APC Key 25 mk2 C" | awk '{print $1}' #other keys
On how to do that in Windows, i don't have a clue.
Good luck

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