MuseScore 3 vs MuseScore 4

• Jun 4, 2023 - 05:39


I had recently downloaded the newest version of MuseScore. Every time I try to open a score that I made from version 4, my laptop keeps opening the score with version 3. I went to the website and clicked on "Update Score," but even the downloaded version opens up in the 3.5.2 program. Do I need to delete MuseScore 3 all together? Why does my laptop automatically use the old update? Thank you.

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Clarification: I also tend to receive the message:

"Cannot read file C:\Users\price\OneDrive\Documents\MuseScore4\M.S. 4 Scores\Ständchen (Serenade) - D. 957 No. 4 (Franz P. Schubert).mscz: This score was saved using a newer version of MuseScore."

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You have not specified which operating system you are using.

Normally, this link is automatically set to the last installed version. Apparently not for you, then:

On Windows simply right click on a mscz file, choose "open with" and then "select default program".
Then choose Musescore 4, maybe you need to locate it in "C:\Program Files\MuseScore 4\bin". Check the little box "Always open this file type with the selected program".
In your computer the mscz files are still linked to Musescore 3, that's why you get the error message with the paritures created with version 4.

Normally it is no problem to keep both MuS versions on your PC.

Since I have a German Windows installation, these texts may have a slightly different wording.

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