A collection of templates-my gift to you all!

• Aug 17, 2014 - 22:21

This is a collection of templates I have created for use with the Musescore notation program (1.3 and above). It contain templates in a wide range of styles, from marching and concert bands to a wide range of orchestras to latin ensembles and chamber groups. I have also included some templates created my other Musescore users (with their due credit, of course) Using my templates is a perfect helper (not a complete replacement for creating your own ensembles) for writing for some standard/predefined ensembles.

Musescore users/developers, this is my gift to you. You may use these templates freely for anything you choose to, without giving me credit. Of course, there is no middleman and no profit involved in this whatsoever. I only ask that you enjoy using these.

Some of them include:

Trios, Quartets, and Quintets (strings, brass and winds)
Orchestras (2 Standard, 2 Classical, a Broadway orchestra, 2 masterwork orchestras)
Guitar templates
Salsa Band (modeled after the instrumentation of the band Grupo Niche. Haven't heard of them? Google 'Cielo de Tambores', it uses the instrumentation in this template, or better yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88rBxqAVmEI)
Mariachi band!!!
User created templates

How to add templates:

Mac OSX: if you right-click (which is also Ctrl-Click on a Mac) while you have selected MuseScore.app you will see the so called context-menu. Choose "Show package contents". Then MuseScore.app will open as a folder (which it cleverly is).
You will see a Contents Folder inside. Open this folder; you will find more folders inside. Choose and open the one, called "Resources". Inside this folder you will find your folder "templates" MuseScore.app/Contents/Resources/templates/

Windows: Go to the MuseScore installation folder, in the templates directory. The full path should be C:\Program


Enjoy and Thanks,


Quinn, Things are not clear to me. When downloading the zip file and
trying to extract it I got a message that it was encrypted.
Can you give some more info please?

Neat! Thanks!

If I may offer a suggestion - some of the ensembles could benefit form mixer settings, esp. Pan (like, put violin 1 on the far left, violin 2 left of middle, viola right of middle, cello on the far right)

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