How to select and copy/paste voice 1 or voice 2, while not selecting other voices?

• Oct 24, 2023 - 15:16


Example: I've copy-pasted one voice and written other already, and all of sudden I notice that first is 1/8 behind what I ment. Let's say that original has been already deleted. I had situation at least close to what I've just described, only perhaps a bit more complex and I don't really want to go into more details.

How can I choose only one voice, while not selecting other voices? And after that, paste it to right place. In Sibelius, there was quite good collection of specified things to select, if needed. I'm pretty sure that there is way to do this, and I already kind of did (right mouse click, and there...), but copying and pasting did still not work after selecting desired voice. Has someone had same kind of problem? I'm always fussing with things, so this won't be last time I need this operation, that's 100% sure...


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