Can't get Choral sounds on Musescore 4 even though I have definitely downloaded them

• Dec 18, 2022 - 20:49

So I have downloaded Choir, and all of the sounds in fact. The other sounds are showing on the list, but choir isn't coming up...I have uninstalled and reinstalled both MuseHub and Musescore but no joy. Any ideas?


I'm having this exact same problem. I've downloaded all of the other new sound plugins released with Muse Score 4 but choir is not showing up in the mixer panel. Please help!

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Musescore plugin does not refer to virtual instruments (musesounds, VSTi, soundfont).
Musicians visit Plugin forum here to chat about coding, they may not have experience in virtual instruments at all, see
To download the "Voice leading checker" mentioned on , see "Check Harmony Rules" plugin in

To use virtual instruments (musesounds, VSTi, soundfont) in musescore 4 use Mixer
Your trouble could be seen by much more volunteer helpers if you repost on the Support or General or Playback forum
You could also try searching for relevant problems and possible answers see
For problems related to Musesounds, you could also contact Muse Hub support

> should I go back to Musescore 3?
you could install both musescore 3 and musescore 4 on the same machine, see

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