Palettes banner can not be resized?

• Dec 6, 2023 - 13:31

I have avertical screen for the sheet view. In v4.x the Palettesblock in the left edge or the screen is too wide but can not be resized in order to leave more space for the sheet. Undocking Palettes banner and removing it to the second screen releases room for the sheet but now reching the functions on palettes requires a longer mouse movement makin typing slower.

How to resize the docked Palettes banner?


Once undocked, you can resize the palettes panel to whatever size you like. The mouse pointer will change into a double-headed arrow when you hover over the edges of the panel.

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to resize it while it's docked.

I like to have Palettes banner docked but it is very wide and leaves very little room for the sheet. Is there any way to resize the banner to make it more narrow. I use a vertical screen.

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