Weird behavior when adding text frames

• Feb 13, 2024 - 12:45

I am having trouble lately with text frames. When I try to add a text frame it moves the following music to the next page and I can't even locate the frame. I can't figure out what's going on. Marc Sabatella suggested that I may have previously set a very large default gap above frames in the style settings, and that's pushing the frame off the bottom of the page, but as far as I can tell that does not seem to be the case (or at least I couldn't find that wrong setting, but it happens to any score I try).Any suggestions? 🤔


  1. Position the cursor on the first beat of measure 1.
  2. From the menu, choose Add > Frames > Insert vertical frame
  3. In the properties panel for the new vertical frame, reduce the defaults to these new values:
    Frame Height = 6
    Gap Above = 0
  4. Right-click in the new vertical frame, choose Add > Subtitle and enter the movement name.
  5. Click to select the original vertical frame (Title frame), reduce Gap Below to 5.

As an aside, I think that you would benefit from adding explicit System breaks for each system and an explicit Page break on the final system of each page. See attached score pp. 1-2.

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Thank you very much for the datalied answer. The thing is I am still getting very weird behavior: when I add a text frame happens as I described in the post. Now if I change Gap Above/Gap Below once, it apears, but if I modify it again it dissapears again. This problem also seems to brake something in the navigator, and zoom might have some influence in this issue too!

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