Forum help for old, tired eyes

• Apr 22, 2024 - 21:51

The contrast between the pale blue text and white and grey backgrounds is hard for me to read. Please consider changing the text to black.



Blue text is the usual setting for text that is a link. Most browsers have a setting where you can set the color of "visited links" and "unvisited links". Not a good idea to set them to black: then you'd never know that this text is a link and that text is not. (No text in the previous sentence is, in fact, a link :-)

In Firefox, this setting can be found under Tools / Settings / General / Colors. I use Firefox almost without exception, so I don't know where the settings are for Edge, Chrome, or any other browser.

Maybe this can help you: one can set the whole application to "high contrast". You can find it under Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance

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