mscore_fr.ts update

• Jan 25, 2009 - 15:48


A new update that replace my previously posted file :
- New translations, new orthographic fixes.
- All sections until MuseCore, included, has been translated or checked.

I Just need an explanation regarding a word :
- Section "NoteBase"
- Parameter "User-Acc"
What it mean and what is is functions ?

Thanks in advance

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I'm not sure at all that this string is used somewhere in the UI (like a lot of them ;)). But I believe User-Acc is for User Accidental.

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That string is seen with the Object Inspector, note parameters, as others in this dialog box, I don't know the exact signification, for example : BBox, TPC, S-Channel.

Effectivement, User-Acc sonne bien pour altération de l'utilisateur, un mot plus court à trouver pour le faire rentrer dans la boite !

Merci et bonne soirée

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You're right, those strings are not for regular use, translate them could change their exact significations. so we would leave them.
Thanks for the explanation of these parameters.

Just a word: My chorists friends are now users of MuseScore, very enthousiastics.

Good afternoon

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