Ancient time signatures

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As I deal with ancient music, I often need to insert in the scores ancient time signatures, like "3" (not "3/4" or "3/2", simply "3" in the middle of the staff) or "C3". Neither can be created with "Create | Time signature" as they lack any denominator.

I can use MScore font (or F2) for the needed symbols and add the 'real' time signature making it invisible, but I do not know how to 'reserve' space in the staff for the original time signature text between the clef and the first note.

Any suggestion?



Between the clef and the first note there is normally the key signature and the time signature. If you don't need them you can make one or both invisible. You can also put an invisible natural next to the first note if you need even more space.
Last alternative, if you need even more space, extend your first measure (Layout -> More stretch) and double click on the first notehead and use the right arrow to move it. Click outside or press Esc to leave edit mode.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

I created the ancient signature as staff text attached to the first note and I tried dragging it over the 'real' time signature (the one MuseScore can understand) which was made invisible and IT WORKS!

It is a 'one shot' job because the text, once positioned, becomes impossible -- or very hard -- to select again (the time signature underneath gets selected instead), but I got the intended result anyway (and MuseScore still plays it correctly, of course).

Thanks again,


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I have noticed a similar phenomenon with Chordnames and articulations, etc.; the last added one is in the lower "layer" and hard to select.

The work around I use is to accept the selection, move it out of the way, move the next selected to the appropriate place and then clean up.


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