Additional shortcut for note entry?

• Oct 16, 2014 - 15:59

Hello everyone.

Do the shortcuts for note/rest entry have to be a letter or number? Specifically, I'm thinking about being able to quickly enter slash notation. I don't think the "/" key is used as a shortcut for anything else, and that'd be a very intuitive keystroke for a slash notation (meaning slash note head, no stem, placed on the middle line of the staff). I actually tried typing this half expecting it to work!

Similarly, perhaps another key could be used for rhythmic notation (slash note head WITH a stem)... maybe a "\", or "|"?

Keep up the great work guys!!


Shortcuts can be any key you want for the most part - but the real issue for the purpose you are describing is, we don't have a way to assign a shortcut to the "replace notehead with slash" command, nor the "mark note stemless" command.

On the other hand, it appears it may be possible for plugins to be assigned keyboard shortcuts in 2.0? If that works, then one could have the ""/" key invoke the slash notation plugin, once that is updated for 2.0. That would be opretty cool now that you mention it!

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