Bugs with editing entry in continuous display?

• Oct 17, 2014 - 15:33


I was entering a new piece of music last night and noticed that when typing in a part in when the display is in continuous mode, when I get to the edge of the window and the page advances to keep the cursor visible, the cursor ends up underneath the instrument names and is not visible.

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Also, when entering chord names, if I hit "tab" to advance to the beginning of the next measure, the window does not advance at all which makes the cursor hidden.

And finally, is there a way when entering chord names to advance to the next beat? In 1.3, I used to hit "enter" to advance to the next beat, and "tab" would take me to the next measure. Now the "enter" key doesn't seem to work.

Should I create issues for these?


- Mike.

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The continuous view glitch is known, filed as #32886: In Continuous View, the last visible measure is moved under the continuous panel.

Not sure what you mean about using "tab" entering chord symbols. This works fine for me in the current nightly builds. Maybe it didn't a while back - there have been a number of fixes over the past few weeks. If you can reproduce with the current nightly build, then yes, file an issue, with sample score and precise steps to reproduce.

"Enter" has never moved to the next beat during chord symbol entry as far as I know. In 1.3, it entered a linebreak into your chord symbol; that is now disabled. The way to move to the next beat has always (well, since 1./1 anyhow) been "Space". Actually, that moves to the *note* - so it stops on every eighth or sixteenth if those are present at that location - but starting at 1.1 it was enhanced to also stop on every beat whether there is a note there or not. In 2.0, you can literally move to the next beat (not stopping at intermediate eighth or sixteenth notes) with Ctrl+5. In general, Ctrl+duration to move forward by that duration. Ctrl+6 to move two beats at a time is a very cool thing I should take advantage of more (might be worth customizing that shortcut for me - maybe ";").

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Thanks for the info.

WRT the "tab" key while entering going offscreen and not being visible, I checked the latest nightly, and indeed it is fixed there.

Also, sorry about the confusion with the "enter" key... I misremembered the keystroke from 1.3. The space bar (and the shortcuts with the ctrl/cmd keys) work as you described.

Thanks again!

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