The soundfile is not good in 0.9.6

• May 17, 2010 - 22:48

I'm now using 0.9.6, and there is some good changes :-)
But - when I save the score as a soundfile (so the choir can exercise at home) - the sound is not good anymore.
In fact, I can't use it!
I think that the problem may be, that it's playing too fast?!
But maybe it's something I do wrong?
Is there something to do about it?
I attach a score so you can try and listen...

Attachment Size
GamleTozaAlt.mscz 5.29 KB


forgot... I've tryed to take the score into 0.9.5 which were working good with the sound.
But the score's layout doesn't look right, and I can't play it.
I can save a soundfile, but it's not good either!

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