Superscript in Chordnames

• Feb 21, 2009 - 00:21

Is there any way to alter the default settings for the superscript feature of the chordnames? I am using the jazz font I mentioned in another post, and when I enter, for example, F7, the F is in the jazz font but the 7 is not. Also I would like to change the size of the superscript to make it larger.

thanks for your help.


If you changed the chordnames font in Style -> Edit Text Style, 7 should be in the right font. But I think it's not possible for the moment to change the superscript size of the 7. Only work around seems to use lyrics to enter chords.

By the way, as I said, using this font with characters associated with complex glyph like "add" is a mega hack. Chordnames inputted with this method are no more considered as chordnames by Musescore (except C7 other simple one, that why you can't change superscript) and so doing this breaks the transpose chordname function, musicXML export and maybe other features related to chordnames I'm not aware of.

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Thank you for your messages.

My needs are simpler than yours, at the moment.
I am just doing lead sheets for some singers and simple arrangements for my band. I don't need a more complete notation program right now, although I have used others when I published my book, Cookin' with Salsa, for example. That was done on the old Atari computer using a difficult but thorough program called the Copyist. It used a very good font, clear and legible, but was a bear to work with.

Thanks again.
Best regards.

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