Tied notes leads to musicxml errors when imported into Finale

• Oct 13, 2008 - 03:39

Using version 0.9.4 rev 1115 on Windows XP.

When music involving tied notes is exported as musicxml, and then imported by FInale, Finale reports a long error message that says:

"XML error in file at line ....

The content of element type "Note" must match...."

I get the same results importing with Finale Notepad 2009 or Finale Printmusic 2007.

I attach a barebones (a single tied F-note) XML from musescore, which produced the errors. Also attached is a XML from Finale Notepad of the same tied note. The difference appears to be in the position of the element.

Attachment Size
tie-muse.xml 4.05 KB
tie-finale.xml 6.97 KB


I got warning with Sibelius when opening the MuseScore musicXML file too. No warning for the finale one.
I move the tie element just after the duration, and no more warning... It's very strange, I thought the order should not have any importance.

In reply to by Thomas

I can confirm the problem is fixed. The element tag for the tie is now moved up to the same place as where Finale places it.
Importing into Finale no longer produces an invalid code error.

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