SoundFonts Problems

• Mar 10, 2009 - 01:14

Just learning, having downloaded MuseScore yesterday. I'm using V0.9.4 on Vista OS. Problem with SoundFonts.

Cello solo with piano, nice input with e-keyboard, originally played all parts (piano 2 staves and cello 1 staff) on MuseScore resident piano. Of course, I want a more robust playback, so have tried everything in manual on p. 26 to downloading Big SoundFonts and decompressing to install MagicSF...sf2. Downloaded fine, uncompressed fine indicating a file type .sf2. However, it does not appear in my list of instruments.

So I went back to the I/O tab under Edit Preferences, and selected "Default" just to get something! However, now the piano staves do not play, just the cello. I have several sound fonts I've tried to use, but none work.

I would please like to get step-by-step instruction of 1)what I should do first now that I have this situation, 2)get the resident synthesizer to play all staves again, 3)how to get an expanded range of instruments with soundfonts. I'm sure I did something out of order and probably have several sounds trying to compete for playback or something.

Also is it possible to achieve playback on my e-keyboard?



When you pressed "Default" it set the SoundFont back to the original SoundFont that came with MuseScore. For step-by-step instructions from where you are now start from the "MuseScore Settings" section of the SoundFont page. Once you have the SoundFont set up again (and restarted MuseScore) you should hear all staves again with the correct sounds.

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